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The word "Alita" is a Spanish word meaning "Little Wing". The idea of wings and taking flight have been an inspiration to Alita to pursue music and the arts throughout her life.


Born and raised in Calgary Alberta, Alita Laurie began studying harp at the age of 8, after becoming disenchanted with her family's upright piano. She began playing the folk harp in festivals, competitions and concerts from this young age (you can still find her playing her folk harp on the streets of Calgary as a fun summer outing!). 

While growing up, Alita put on Pedal Harp solo concerts to fundraise for a humanitarian efforts to Burundi. All the ticket proceeds went towards providing African children with uniforms so they could attend school. 

As a young adult, in 2017, Alita recorded her first CD entitled "Taking Wing". 


Alita also has completed her Royal College of Music Grade 10 Harp Proficiency Tests which include, orchestral, solo, study, ear training and theory examinations. 

Alita began teaching harp in 2016, and feels it is her true calling. Being able to instill a love of music, along with a fulfilling and beautiful talent in others is the most rewarding part of harp playing thus far in Alita's career.

Today, Alita spends her time writing music with her guitar-playing husband, teaching, playing in the Calgary Civic Symphony, the Calgary Wind Symphony and the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra and making YouTube Videos. 

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